Placement Options

Free Placement ATM Program

● All terminals are operated and serviced by Bank Express International to ensure protection of your customer’s transactions.
● An ATM terminal is provided to your site
● All repairs and supplies are included
● You will be paid a commission based on surcharged transaction activity each month!

Buy Your Own ATM

● We will help you find the ATM to fit your needs.
● You will be trained on how to operate and maintain the ATM.
● The ATM will be installed by trained technicians. (Installation fee depends on your location.)
● You will be given a 24 hour technical support line.
● You own the machine, you supply the money, you supply the communication line (Phone or DSL internet)
● Your cost is only $0.15 per surcharge.

1. Commission only paid on surcharged transactions.
2. Price quote on ATM is good for only 30 days.

Commissions are available with signed agreements. Commissions are paid monthly accompanied by a detailed report showing the number of transactions.

Call today and we will visit your establishment to evaluate your needs. Contact Us today!

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