Advantages of Running a Cash-Only Business

Advantages of Running a Cash-Only BusinessWith credit and debit card transactions so common, many business owners wonder if they can still be successful running a cash-only business. The truth is that businesses, especially startups and entrepreneurs running small businesses, can actually benefit from limiting sales to cash-only transactions.

With free ATM placement and installation from Advance to Go!, businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area can give customers access to cash easily, and with no cost to themselves—so there’s no reason a cash-only business shouldn’t flourish.

3 Reasons to Go Cash-Only

No transaction fees. This is probably the biggest concern businesses owners have when debating whether to accept card payments. Credit card transaction fees really add up, and can be especially taxing on small businesses. ATMs, like the ones from Advance to Go!, pass these fees onto the consumer, where it’s much more manageable. As a bonus, your business gets a percentage of the surcharge on ATM transactions, so you’re actually making money off having an ATM in your business, rather than losing money on credit card transactions.

Immediate access to funds. Rather than having to wait for transactions to clear and process, with cash, you get immediate access to all the proceeds from your sales. This advantage removes a lot of the headache when it comes to planning bill payments and other spending necessities—you won’t need to plan around a credit card company’s schedule.

Reduced fraud concerns. When it comes to credit and debit transactions, or even checks, there is always a concern of fraud. Limiting your sales to cash-only greatly reduces the chance of credit card fraud at your location.

Going Cash-Only is Easy with Advance To Go!

Whether you’re in need of an ATM or you already have one, Advance To Go! promises the highest levels of service, efficiency and support. We offer free placement, free installation, and free technical support to all of our clients. If your Greater Philadelphia-area business is ready to start improving business with an ATM machine, contact us to learn more. Call 215-397-7171 or email for more information.

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